Indebted to the stylistic sensibility of the Aesthetic Movement and to the somewhat offbeat traditional Japanese aesthetic, 'wabi-sabi' , Beacons
were originally conceived as a more unique alternative to the generic landscape lighting fixtures available commercially. While functional as lighting, by
ornamental standards they have developed far beyond their original intent and have become architectural landscape features, garden focal points, if
you will; lighted sculpture.

Drawing from a Japanese vernacular, each Beacon is handmade and unique. All are constructed of untreated steel and fitted with art glass, procured
from the traditional hand-made glass makers: Youghiogheny, Kokomo, Uroboros and Wissmach.

With every Beacon the intent is to balance clean architectural form and bright, unapologetic beauty; to pair the allure of striking, colored glass with the
more subtle, mineral tones of a rusting steel patina.

BeaconWorks is a trade name of Gardener Design Works LLC. Located in Roxbury, CT., Gardener Design Works has provided custom landscape
garden designs and installations since 1997. While trees, shrubs and flowering plants have been the standard medium, over the years, specific client
needs have spurred the growth of an active workshop that produces various unique garden accoutrements and fixtures. Beacons are the most recent
product of this workshop.

Please find on the 'New Releases' page, Beacons currently available for purchase. 'Previously Commissioned' Beacons were custom designed and
have been sold.

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David Gardener

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